PRANIQUEIRA! MCKS Pranic Healing for kids!


Praniqueira is an infant course that was developed with the aim of attending a group of special children.

Childrens who pretend to have an emocional, mental and also spiritual development above average for their age.

Childrens who question important issues, act with more maturity, and care about the others, about the planet.

These childrens, nowadays, are known as “índigo children”.

When parents begin to become spiritual, the tendency is that their children try to keep up with them. They want to learn what parents, their exemples, have learned, and want to participate of this new phase of their lives.

Children tend to imitate the behavior and attitude of parents.

To give support and professional orientation to these special children, Uni Prana developed Praniqueira.

Praniqueira is a course of MCKS Pranic Healing that teach the fundamentals of these techniques to children of pranic healers parents. Classes take place through games, recreational activities and plays.

In order that the child joins this course, mother/father must be present during all classes, as it is a course in wich the student will have experiences, and will receive informations that needs to be continued at home, with the family, to become part of the child development.

Childrens are the future of the planet. Therefore, lets together spiritualize our future.

The classes (programs + activities) taught at Uni Prana (“Praniqueira”) were developed by us, and personally approved by Master Nona Castro.

It is not about the same program followed in Brasil or elsewhere in the world.

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  • Stimulate the child’s knowledge about the world of energy;
  • Develop and improve the character of the children;
  • Approch the child to the knowlodges practiced by their parents, in relation to MCKS Pranic Healing.
  • Total of 5 classes of 2h30 each;
  • Period between 16h and 18h30;
  • 1 class per week (Course has a duration of 5 weeks).
  • Mother and/or father must have concluded, at least, the MCKS Basic Pranic Healing course and MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing course;
  • Mother and/or father must be present in the classes, participating on the activities with the child;
  • We ask the commitment of parents/students, so they don`t miss the classes, since they are sequential.
  • From 7 to 12 years old.


  • Basic informations about MCKS Pranic Healing (chakras, functions, how cleaning, energizing, and how they work);
  • Basc informations about the beings of light (angels, nature beings, etc);
  • Character building;
  • MCKS Meditation on Twin Hearts (child version);
  • MCKS Superbrain Yoga;
  • Homework to be practiced on the interval of one week preceding the next class. The homework has to be supervised by the mother/father who is present in the classes;
  • There will be a lunch break schedule from 17:20 to 17:40, during wich it will be provided informations related to theenergy elements of nature. The snack will be offered in Uni Prana without addicional costs.
  • R$ 570,00 in cash or in 3 x card with no ineterest;
  • Parents don’t pay, just accompany the student.
  • “Keychain reminder” given ate the end of each class to the practice of homework;
  • Notebook for parents. It is extremely important the active participation of parents in the practice of the child’s homework. The parents will receive a notebook to write down the challenges, questions and ideas of the child. Before the beginning of each class, each responsible should show us the notes in notebooks in order to clarify the doubts of the child during the classes.

Course Agenda

Start Date: 23/6/2011
Time: 14h
Locality: Uni Prana Viila Madalena - Rua Miguel Rodrigues, 133

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