MCKS Basic Pranic Healing


In the MCKS Basic Pranic Healing you will learn:

  • what is energy and where does it comes from;
  • how this energy is called on the different cultures
  • how does energy influence our lives
  • what is the aura and how fortifying her using the Tibetan`s Ioga exercises.
  • what is chakras and which are their functions
  • how felling and seeing the energy
  • how does illness affects your aura and your chakras
  • how getting smarter through the Superbrain Ioga
  • how are you connected to God and how measuring and rising this connection
  • what is Karma
  • what is The Golden Rule
  • how using the Golden Rule to program your future and achieve:
    o  professional success,
    o  loving success,
    o  financial and emotional success,
    o  spiritual success,
    o  good health and any other thing that you want!

In the MCKS Basic Pranic Healing you will learn healing yourself from:

  • headache
  • heartburn
  • gastritis
  • migraine
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • menstrual cramps
  • sore throat
  • fever
  • bronchitis
  • asthma
  • toothache
  • arthritis
  • arthrosis
  • flu
  • cold
  • muscle aches
  • backache and lots more!

Also in MCKS Basic Pranic Healing you will learn:

  • distant healing
  • breathing and physical exercises that will enlarge many times your aura, clean it and unblock all your chakras and meridians
  • tecniques of mental and physical recharge
  • how to aprimorate your character

Moreover, you will learn the MCKS Meditation on Twin Hearts, an advanced technique that allows the practitioner quickly achieving:

  • thoughts and emotional control
  • stress relief
  • inner peace
  • intuition
  • physical, emotional and mental purification
  • sensibility
  • sharp mind
  • ilumination

Constant practice of this meditation also makes you have better physical health, significant increase in your energy level and speed to do things and make important decisions. Regulates the hormonal levels for the physical, emotional and mental balance (scientifically proved in Good Samaritan Hospital, NY, by Dr Glenn Mendonza and in University of California by Dr. Joie Jones. Recomprovado by Dr Eric Robins of the Kaiser Permanente rede, one of the biggest hospital rede of USA).

Value: R$570,00 (Visa ou Master Card)
Prerequisites: None.

Watch this video explaining about the MCKS Basic Pranic Healing Course.


Course Agenda

Start Date: 
Locality: Uni Prana - Rua Miguel Rodrigues 133, Vila Madalena - São Paulo, SP

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