Introduction of MCKS Meditation on Twin Hearts

The lecture approaches the existence of the energetic body and its anatomy, in other words, the “bioplasmatic body”, energy body, etheric body or aura.

In this lecture it is talked about a modern meditation technique that lasts for 25 minutes, adapted to troubled minds with the purpose of changing its attention focus, going from concern to positive and pleasant images.  

This technique includes beyond other benefits:

  • Elimination of the tensions of everyday life;
  • Achievement of inner peace and calmness in the troubled workplace and home environments, through relaxing exercises, breathing and energizing;
  • Increase of the intuitive capacity;
  • Release of old emotional blocks and creation of positives changes in all areas of your own life and closest people’s life;
  • Raise of the emotional quotient, improving the working performance;
  • Mental development to improve the attention, focus and consciousness in pressure situations at working place;
  • Activation of the energy centers of the body raising the animus, the mood and the physical, emotional and mental welfare;
  • Clarity of thoughts in important decisions and enhance of the productivity.

Instructor: Ricardo Cneio Alves
Duration: 1 hora