Introduction to MCKS Pranic Healing

In this lecture, Ricardo Alves approaches the existence of the “bioplasmatic body”.

The bioplasmatic body is influenced by positives and negatives energies and, therefore, by the mental, emotional and physical state of each one. The diseases, in most cases, begin on someone’s bioplasmatic body to than manifest in the physical body.  

Advantages of MCKS Pranic Healing

Any person with a bit of persistence and strength is able to learn the MCKS Pranic Healing.
Techniques tested countless times by Master Choa Kok Sui and physicians around the world.
Technique with easy appliance since it is not needed to touch the patient.
Decrease the recovering time from an illness, promoting the rise of the patient`s self esteem.

Instructor: Ricardo Cneiro Alves
Duration: 1 hour