MCKS Pranic Healing for Kids


Does your son/daughter seems to be smarter than the children of his/her age, does he/she has an unusual behavior, or maybe has been labeled by teachers or friends as someone sensitive, hyperactive, with attention deficit disorder, special or too shy?

If this is the case or if you just want for your sons to be the best they can and utilize all their talents, than the MCKS Pranic Healing Course for Children is what you and your sons were looking for.

The MCKS Pranic Healing Course for Children gives skills of life to help them being free of stress, self confidents, to cultivate positive attitudes and behaviors, such as developing their gifts. Through games, balancing the brain activities, relaxation and exploration of the nature, the child is encourage to discover their inner strength and natural self-confidence, learning how to deal successfully with daily stress.

In the midst of an environment of support and fun, the children learn about the sutil energy, energetic body and the role they play in their life. To exemplify, when our energetic bodies are healthy and strong, we have more energy, we are happier and healthier, we have better relation-ships and self esteem.


    • Irritability;
    • Getting angry easily;
    • Fatigue;
    • Low immunity;
    • Difficulty on concentrating;
    • Facility on being affected by external influences;


  • Hapiness;
  • Confidence;
  • Health;
  • Focus and concentration enlargement;
  • Good self-esteem;

The concepts discussed on the course are developed in order that the children carry the teachings until the adulthood, using them in all areas of their lives. 

Through the games involving character building, the kids are encouraged to treat one another in a more respectful way and to be confident in several occasions, learning that each one has different and special abilities.

These abilities are not generally taught at school and they should be encouraged to take part of the kids everyday life. Many teachers have already implemented those techniques at schools and succeed.


The classes of this course are divided by age range.

Prerequisites: Being in the presence of father, mother or responsible that has already done, at least, the MCKS Basic Pranic Healing.

Instructor: Beatriz Sanmarco

At this course the children will learn:

  • To fell the energy
  • To see the energy
  • Character building
  • To be more positive
  • To respect more the others and their differences
  • The MCKS Meditation on Twin Hearts kids version
  • And lots more!